We live in an endless rhythm of history.

Material, land and stories echo and overlap with each generation. Each place retains our existence, while each person carries what they can from place to place.

My creative practice explores boundaries that define land as home. Inspired by architecture as well as the lives and stories of people I construct fragmented landscapes. Autobiographical aspects are represented in the subject matter of the artwork. My practice encompasses a range of media as a way of exploring these themes and applies personal narrative to constructions and spaces. I juxtapose photographic imagery with various art mediums to reflect on place through associated textures, patterns, surfaces and colors.  Land within my work is defined as an unstable evolving geographical location. Home is defined as a fixed psychological attachment to a geographical location. These ideas about home and land are utilized to reimagine the ways in which geographical changes intersect with heritage. My goal is to form an understanding of specific places and offer thoughtful investigations of everyday constructions and spaces.


Melissa Riggatire is an artist living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her interest in architecture can be attributed to her childhood experiences and involvement in her families electrical contracting business. Melissa received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Art Education, from Seton Hill University. After studying and receiving a Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania she works as a full-time artist and educator. Her work has been represented in galleries and private collections in Pittsburgh.

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